Lyrics: Song Called Nora

The one that I adored
Worked at the local health-food store
A smoothie-bearing hoodie wearing treat
Oh Nora it was you
You  crawled into my head, by lucky accident
We kept it all discreet

For 30 days you filled my heart
But then we just drifted apart
For all that time I dreamt of Nora
Lit me up like a Menorah
Turned me on to things I’d dare not try
Busted walls, let me in
Like Frankfurt said to East Berlin
Come over now, it’s alright

Now Sammy is a friend
Who gets to rambling now and then
About the latest girl who’s come around
Wish that this were first
Cuz each time it gets worse
He’s been let down again
Planted in the ground

So sure that they were going strong
But overnight she upped and done him wrong
If evil had a name, it’s Nora
The low-life queen of New Gomorra
Tuned him up, and then she let him go
Got no soul, full of lies – probably not into guys
He said, you’re lucky that you never met her

Don’t know if this were right or wrong
But as it happened, it did not too take long
Soon I slid right back to Nora
She’s got that thing you can’t ignore
A fool would know how could I stay away
Not afraid of freaky sin
Invites her nympho roommate in

Oh Nora, I need more-a, oh Nora, I adore ya, some day I might get o’er you, but for now I can’t afford to – whoa!