Lyrics: Paste Eating Johnny vs. Mrs. Edison

Tom was the smooth one in my class
Sat in the back row flicked his gum and laughed
Every time a sub came in
Wished I were half as cool as him

Every afternoon he’d steal
Paste eating Johnny would just up and squeal
I just dreamed of space and feared the bomb
Until the time that I first spied his mom, so long, The can’t miss one

Mrs. Edison
The can’t miss one

Never see a bod like that before
Guess she was old like maybe something over 24!
Her eyes were blue her hair was free
No fool, yeah she was digging me

Our lives then flashed before my eyes
She’d help me learn fractions and then I would watch her jazzercize
We’d always play Capture the Flag
We’d build a fort and then, oh yeah, we’d shag, cuz I’m wicked awesome

Mrs. Edison
The can’t miss one

As I dreamed of Tommy’s mom in bed
A can of Fresca whizzed beside my head
Tom came down and laid the hurt
And left me bleeding on my Jams and brand new O.P. shirt

But yet I still recall the day
That one amazing time when I refused to look away
My heart was fuller than my head
I still remember what I would, have said Deanne, get on my Big Wheel

Mrs. Edison, the cant miss one
Mrs. Edison
I’m ready for you