Lyrics: Only One in Town

I said stop it’s not so late
Did you wear that on your date
You asked, I didn’t understand

You said I made a big mistake
Took what wasn’t mine to take
And now it’s spinning out of hand.

Yeah you caught me by surprise
Now I’m falling through those eyes
They light this empty heartless town

You’re fixed to move on that I see
I’m reaching for you helplessly
How can I stay without you around?
Say without a sound


Hey – You’re the only one in town who gets me
Say – Now we’re falling off the end of history
Hey – You’re the only one in town
Don’t let me down tonight

When I saw you cross the hall
I was feeling three foot tall
Apart in pieces on the floor

You picked me up and stepped within
Got inside this hollow skin
And made me feel alright
Stay with me tonight


‘Before you leave me with your photograph
Trade the pictures for the times we should have
All around you flies your satellite – can’t you see we’re falling through your window calling

We’ve been falling falling slow and steady