Lyrics: One More Day

Got one more hand
Got one last arm to reach you
Got one more dream to keep
From drifting drifting, drifiting

Got one more angle
Another place to call my home
Got one less wall before me
To keep from crashing

Give it one more day
Give it one last try
Give it one more day
You’ll see it coming, see me coming

Got every notion
And best intentions in the way
Filtered out emotion
To keep on trackin

Bring out sing out
Find what this endless game’s about
It’s you that’s coming through
There’s nothing within can’t be let out


If this were just the first time
I’d believe it could be the last
If we knew to meet the darkness
This would have never come to pass

We’ll face the world tomorrow
Block out the sight
Let it all come down around us
We’re not alone tonight

Chorus x2