Lyrics: I Wish You Well

The snow has fallen, the fog’s come behind
All that’s left to say that’s on our minds
Down in the shadows, a glimmer of light
A momentary window closed tonight

And every song is older than we used to be
Closer to a truth that may never set us free
It’s a bittersweet reality
In which we dwell
I wish you well

What I never noticed is how we came to be
Tossed upon the southern stormy seas
Far from our fortune farther from home
Outside of ourselves and alone

For all the heights you’ve taken me, how can I complain
But when the climb is over it’s one solace that remains
As nostalgia passes under, I’m reminded of the pain
Though you can’t tell
I wish you well

Sure, don’t believe, what you can’t see
Still feels the same, to a different degree
Was this the best that we could do?

Answer me this question, let me step into your mind
Was it harder on the leaver than on the one who’s left behind
If the wise one sees it coming, I’d be lucky to’ve been blind.
Safe in a shell
We hide so well

Though you can’t tell
I wish you well