Lyrics: Center City

Have you seen my doctor, seen my lawyer
Have you seen my baby,  I got a message for her
That I’m heading out of Memphis going straight for Philly
Where the grass is made of concrete and the kids are hanging chilly
Heading back to Center City, gonna repossess my girl

Since I got into town early, I hit Famous for some lox
Pizza at Lorenzo’s where they charged me for the box
And since my babe was still at work, I don’t like a scene
I went off to Delilah’s got a lapdance from Janine
Going back to Center City, grab your pretzel and your gatt
Where the welcome wagon runs you down and everybody’s fat
Off to Center City, gonna repossess my girl

So I tried to call an escort,  but I didn’t have a phone
Went to watch the Phillies game, and found I was alone
To think about my baby and wonder where she’s at
Which part of this town I’m in where everybody’s fat

Well I’m hanging down on South Street, feeling like a yokel
Some drunken mummer’s bearing down can tell I’m not a local

So when the throwing died down, the leader of the pack
Took me for my wallet and then punched me in the back
I should have known this happens each time I come around
Now, Boathouse Row in on my right, cuz I’m heading out of town
Heading back from Center City, Yeah!

Have you seen my doctor, have you seen my lawyer
Cuz I’m heading out of Memphis, going straight for Philly
Where the fine cuisine is Scrapple and the chicks are kind of gritty

Heading back to Center City
Don’t go back to Center City
Fool me twice in Center City, gotta relocate my girl!