Award winning Writer/Director/Showrunner, Jake Laufer began his career nearly 20 years ago as an unpaid production assistant in Philadelphia.   With nothing but a college diploma, a Super-VHS demo tape and a dream, he was able to convince the good folks at Grinning Dog Pictures to let him hang around and learn the art of documentary production (photocopying, taping receipts to paper, 3-hole punching, and the rest).  One year later he received the hard earned promotion to paid production assistant, which included some actual American currency and the promise of screen-time during recreations (British boy packing boxes, non-credited).

By the turn of the millennium, Jake had relocated to Washington, DC where he earned a reputation as one of the top writers and producers of true-crime programming, earning a Cine Golden Eagle and a Tele Award for Body of Evidence: Casualties of War, and rising to Series Producer for the CourtTv/truTV series, Suburban Secrets.

In 2008, Jake finally shed his east coast bias and relocated to LA to work on the long running A&E series, Paranormal State.  One year and 33 highly rated episodes later, Jake was asked to take on the Co-EP role for the new Discovery Channel series, Ghost Lab, which brought a scientific approach to the field of paranormal investigation.   After two seasons, including a 3-D episode, Jake took the reins of Season 1 of Brad Meltzer’s Decoded for History, which was renewed for a second season.

More recently, Jake spent four months on police patrol in Arizona with Steven Seagal: Lawman, oversaw History’s hit show Mountain Men as it expanded from 8 to 16 episodes, while simultaneously launching the desert survival series, No Man’s Land, helmed a six-hour hybrid docu-reality series on the science and prophecy of the Apocalypse, directed a BBC travel pilot in Tijuana, Mexico, ran post for the first season of Lost in Transmission for History, oversaw a Discovery Channel series in London and is currently in production on Season 4 of Esquire’s #1 show, Friday Night Tykes.

Jake is known for his strong working relationships with talent, network executives and his production partners, as well as his rolodex of top-notch producers, editors and field crew who share his work ethic and can-do attitude.   He prides himself on productions free of (off-screen) drama, where story always comes first.