About Me

An award winning, story-driven showrunner/writer/director with over 15 years experience in field and post across multiple non-scripted genres.

My Philosophy

Story comes first. No problem is unsolvable. Communicate. Understand your client, respect your talent. Hire well; put people in position to succeed, encourage collaboration, get your hands dirty, lead from the front.


Networks: History, Discovery, A&E, Esquire, truTV, H2, FYI, MSNBC, BBC America, Travel, PBS, Animal Planet, Court TV

Companies: BBC Worldwide, Warm Springs Productions, October Films, ITV, Sirens Media, 441 Productions, Go Go Luckey Productions, Paper Route Productions, Asylum Entertainment, North South Productions, NHNZ, Gurney Productions, Storyhouse, Hoggard Films, Tiger Tigress, WETA


Voice: 424-259-2619
Email: jake at jakelaufer.com
Rep: Alan Moore, APA 310.888.4294