About Me

An award winning, story-driven showrunner/writer/director with over 15 years experience in field and post across multiple non-scripted genres.

My Philosophy

Story comes first. No problem is unsolvable. Communicate. Understand your client, respect your talent. Hire well; put people in position to succeed, encourage collaboration, get your hands dirty, lead from the front.


Networks: History, Discovery, A&E, truTV, H2, FYI, MSNBC, BBC America, Travel, PBS, Animal Planet, Court TV

Companies: BBC Worldwide, Warm Springs Productions, ITV, Sirens Media, Go Go Luckey Productions, Paper Route Productions, Asylum Entertainment, North South Productions, NHNZ, Gurney Productions, Storyhouse, Hoggard Films, Tiger Tigress, WETA


Voice: 424-259-2619
Email: jake at jakelaufer.com